Wrong direction of Stairs also cause heavy loss,Stair According to Vastu...

Wrong direction of Stairs also cause heavy loss,Stair According to Vastu...

Vastu for Stair by 'Manish Sai'
Spiritual & Vastu Guru

A staircase must always be built in the western or southern part of the house. It should not be constructed in the north-east corner, as it is believed that a staircase here can lead to financial losses. In fact, a staircase in any corner except the western or southern corner is believed to lead to losses. A staircase connects two spaces i.e. internal and external as well as one level to another level. A staircase is one of the most important features in any structure.

According to Vastu Shastra, stairs present in the house can also become the cause of Vastu dosh.

Front door facing the staircase is the most common problem as per Vastu. Consider steps going down towards the North, North East and East as auspicious according to the Vastu.

◾ Vastu Tips for Staircase-

▪️An external staircase can be built in the southeast direction facing east, southwest direction facing west, northwest direction facing north, and southwest direction facing south.

▪️Always begin your stairs from north to south or east to west. A turn can also be taken to other sides, in case there is a lack of space.

▪️Stairs must always have an odd number and the number must never end with a zero.

▪️Never make circular staircases as they have the ability to cause bad health. Also, a staircase encircling the building can lead to severe calamites.

▪️Construct doors at the end and beginning of each staircase. Also, it's important to make sure the stairs don't touch the northern or eastern walls.

▪️Broken stairs must be repaired instantly, as they may lead to tensions and accidents.

▪️Rooms such as bathroom, kitchen, or pooja room should never be built under a staircase. This area can only be used for creating a storage room.

▪️Staircases must always be painted in light colors and shades such as red and black should be avoided completely.
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