Vastu Tips for shops and Show Rooms By Guru Manish Sai

Vastu Tips for shops and Show Rooms/
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By Guru Manish Sai

Shops are opened everywhere to run a business whether on a small scale or on a large scale. They can be for groceries, hardware, electronic items and many more. Some of them survive and some of them fail to attract customers and finally face the wrong fate. Whenever a business meets success, it gives the shop owners wealth and prosperity but when any shop faces failure people curse their fate and destiny.

These were the scenario in earlier days but now in today's world its very common when people meet each other asking for some astrologers and Vaastu Shastra experts before and after opening their shops and businesses. We the Guru Manish Sai is providing you with the basic knowledge and tips which should be taken care of before you start your own shop.

▪️At first, the entrance of the shop should be in the East which is a symbol of profit, and if east is not preferable then one can also go for North which is a source of prosperity by improving our wealth and health and the same condition applies with the owner himself. He/she should always sit in the shop in the East or North direction.

▪️Another case arises with the shape of the shop which should always be square or rectangle.

▪️Try to place the cash counter in the North direction, its an auspicious direction for a shop owner as it helps in financial growth thus providing prosperity and wealth.

▪️Always place heavy items in the South-west direction whether it be furniture or showcase or any other salable items.

▪️Whether its an office or any business area, try to keep the North-west direction free from any cluster of objects as this is the most auspicious direction to prosper and one should not hamper the path of growth and prosperity.

▪️Always avoid making slopes for parking or walking in front of the shop, it causes hindrance in the way of profit.

▪️Gutters and Drains are a symbol of negativity despite being a lifeline to humankind but try to avoid any drain or such kind of construction in front of the shop. It makes you lose your wealth drastically. If any occurs also, try to cover it to avoid negativity.

▪️Try to provide “L” shape or angular shape to the cash counter and always avoid circular cash counters.
These are some basic information's regarding the shops and Vaastu Shastra but mythologically we should follow other rules as well. Like we should not keep our cash box empty, and being an Indian we should perform morning and evening puja daily in the shop to obtain blessings from God. Vaastu Shastra improves your chances of success and growth while the main source of any shop or business owner is his or her relationship with their customers.

So it is always advisable to maintain a cordial relation with your customers and never be too harsh with them. For any other Astrological and Vaastu Shastra related help kindly log in to our website which is working 24*7 for your help. One can book their preferred Vaastu Shastra experts from our website and they can also ask for direct contact with them as per our company norms.

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