Make Garden According To Vastu, Positive Energy Will ...

Make Garden According To Vastu, Positive Energy Will ...

The planning and design of your garden can have a significant effect on your mood, health and prosperity. Gardens are built in the house, so as to enable a person to feel close to nature and enjoy the serenity and calmness affected by the presence of plants and fountains. People make gardens for their refreshing character. Lush green surroundings help in relaxing and restoring inner peace. Vastu can be of immense help in tapping such natural beauty and its energizing qualities. The article lists some wonderful Vasthu advice for gardens, just for you!

World famous Vastu consultant Guru Manish Sai according Vaastu Tips For Garden-

▪️Garden, lawns or decorative plants should always be in the east or the north direction. A water fall of three to four feet can be constructed in the east or north direction, leaving the north-east or north-west corner.

▪️You can keep decorative plants in a garden, but they should not be more than three feet tall.

▪️If you want to keep swings in your garden, they should be placed in the east or the north.

▪️The house of your pet or a bird’s nest can be located in the north-west corner of the garden.

▪️Sitting areas are best planned in the south and west direction and should be facing north and east.

▪️A garden needs to have a focal point that is visually comforting and inspiring. It can be a fountain, fish aquarium, rocky landscaping, statue (not depicting any form of violence), small idol of your deity, Swastika, Om or anything that has a pleasant look to it.

▪️As a rule, the garden has to be kept clean and free of litter. Make it a point to remove dry creepers, leaves, flowers, and overgrown shrubs on a regular basis. The lawns should be mowed regularly, as they create an environment for the normal flow of energies.

▪️A pathway from the front gate of the building to the main entrance will prove to be quite beneficial. On each side of the pathway, grow herbal plants, like basil, and flower plants, like jasmine. A tree or plant in the middle of the path needs to be avoided.

▪️Fruit-bearing trees should be planted in the east direction. A rock garden can be made in the south-west corner of the garden.

▪️If there is a swimming pool in the garden, it should face the north or north-east direction. A swimming pool in the centre, towards the south, southeast or southwest and even the northwest needs to be avoided. It can result in unwanted events, brings negativity in the mind of the residents and adversely affects their health.

▪️The fountains or water ponds should not be built in the centre of a garden. Rather, they need to follow the same principles as the placement of swimming pools. If their placement is wrong, they cause problems with respect to mental peace and health. Fountains, ponds or artificial springs are very favorable when located in the northeast.

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