Health Benefits of Ashwagandha, Uses and Properties.... Guru Manish Sai

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha, Uses and Properties....

According to world famous spiritual and ayurveda guru Dr. Manish Sai, Ashwagandha
is an ancient and a traditional medicinal herb that grows not only in India but also in the Middle East and parts of Africa. The name 'ashwagandha' comes from sanskrit which means horse and smell, referring to the fragrance of the herb and the strength it provides. For eons, people have utilized the roots and orangish red fruit of ashwagandha for many medicinal purposes. Not only does this herb heal our physical ailments, but it also improves our mental well being.

◾health benefits of ashwagandha.

▪️Stress relief-

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, which means that it helps the body to adapt. Under stress, our body’s productivity goes down, leading to an increase in the stress level. Ashwagandha helps your body to break free from that loop and acts on your stress response. In easier terms, it helps your body to release stress on its own by working through it and reducing cortisol

▪️Better mind-

Ashwagandha is known as Indian ginseng, and like all ginsengs it has neuroprotective qualities. According to a few researches, it has been proven to improve memory and brain functioning. It also promotes antioxidant activity, which helps in preventing nerve degeneration. It not only improves brain functioning, but also enhances your ability to perform tasks and how fast you react to things. Therefore, Ashwagandha is also known as the medhya rasayana, herb that promotes a longer life and a better mind.

▪️Increases strength-

Athletes have been using Ashwagandha for strength and recovery for a long time. For people who want to increase their endurance without the help of any chemical based synthetics, ashwagandha comes to the rescue. Since it supports both physical and mental strength, this herb is the perfect alternative with all natural extracts that will help you reach peak performance. As we mentioned before, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb so it helps the body adapt to the environment, thus reducing the damage the body goes through during an intense workout. When the damage is low, recovery time is low, therefore, you get less fatigue and improved stamina.

▪️Lower inflammation-

This Ayurvedic herb is perfect for lowering inflammation. Ashwagandha has been used for over 2000 years for treating various types of inflammation. Since, inflammation affect the body’s immunity, Ashwagandha treats it from the root. According to Ayurveda, our body is dependent on balance of all elements and Ashwagandha is known to maintain that balance, thus lowering the inflammation rate in your body.

▪️Helps anxiety-

As mentioned before, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb. So, for anxiety, it is the best medicine. Adaptogens helps in balancing our mental conditions with its calming and healing properties. Therefore, it also balances the hormones that control anxiety. There are several reasons of anxiety. In fact, anxiety is also due to high stress levels and disbalanced hormones, Ashwagandha helps to stabilize our nervous system, which further helps in reducing anxiety level.


As per a few researches, consumption of Ashwagandha on an everyday basis in a particular quantity, can help in treating insomnia. The reduction of cortisol levels have a huge impact on your sleep cycle. When the body is over stressed, your body loses the ability to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, which is required by the body to function properly. Ashwagandha reduces the stress levels and is an
anxiolytic, which improves the quality of your sleep.

▪️Lower blood sugar

Diabetes has been a growing problem in today’s world. Ashwagandha is a great way to battle it from the start. It helps the pancreatic cells and keeps up the insulin production from an early stage. It stimulates the
immune system,protects the cells from damaging and reduces blood glucose levels, thus reducing the risk of diabetes.

▪️Promotes fertility-

Ashwagandha is known as the most effective remedy for improving fertility in both males and females. It’s an all natural medicine that improves the overall health of an individual and thus is a natural potency booster. Since fertility is based on the health of your body, ashwagandha acts as a medicine that treats your body from the outside as well as the inside, i.e physically as well as mentally. Since the herb is the adaptogen, it helps fight off all the obstructions that lead to infertility.

The health benefits of Ashwagandha does not end here. It’s known as the magical medicine for a reason and has been used for over 2000 years. Try including this herb in your everyday diet with the right amount of dosage. An overdose of anything is harmful for the body, so find out what’s right for you and get to it. Enjoy the benefits of this simple root to live a healthier and happier life.


Ashwagandha is available in two forms:


The natural root powder of Ashwagandha is considered safer than other forms.

▪️You can either add Ashwagandha powder to a cup of coconut or almond milk or you can simply pop an Ashwagandha capsule after consulting your healthcare provider.

▪️You can also add Ashwagandha powder to a cup of warm water or almond milk.

▪️Besides this, Ashwagandha tea is also available in the market.

▪️You can even make Ashwagandha tea at home by adding Ashwagandha powder to boiling water. Allow the water to sit for 10 minutes. This step will help in the release of active compounds. You can even add fresh ginger and basil leaves to Ashwagandha tea.

We believe Ashwagandha root powder is more effective and safer than other forms. It contains all require alkaloids and phytochemicals that provide beneficial effects in the prevention of all forms of dementia.

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