Do these remedies to get rid of Pitra dosha Causes, Problems and solution By Guru Manish Sai

Do these remedies to get rid of Pitra dosha
Causes, Problems and solution By Guru Manish Sai

Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha cause many obstacles in a person’s life. It forms in one’s horoscopes due to Pitra Dosha effects or our bad karma, we would have committed in the past. Remedies or Dosha Nivaran may minimize our problems.

We are perplexed to find unavoidable obstacles at the time of the accomplishment of our work and we fail to achieve our goal at the last moment.

In spite of our best efforts, we do not succeed due to Pitru Dosha effects.

We often find that the family members face one trouble or the other and do not get rid of the problems, though one’s deeds are good. This belief makes us analyze what wrong or Papa(sins) we would have done in the past or present life.

It is due to the effects of our Karmic debts of past or present or Pithru Dosham/ Pitru Dosham we face the inevitable and unexpected difficulties and hardships.


• A person who is suffering from Pitra Dosh has to face many problems related to his children. Other than that their children may suffer from physical or mental disabilities. Sometimes you may have seen that a child is suffering from different types of diseases from the very first day of his birth. This is because of “Pitra Dosh” only.

• Pitra Dosh leads to an unfavourable environment in the house. A husband and wife may have issues on very small matters. All these matters are because of “Pitra Dosh” only.

• People suffering from “Pitra Dosh” have to face problems regarding their marriage. Despite all their efforts, they are unable to get marry on time due to “Pitra Dosh”.

• People suffering from” Pitra Dosh” regularly remains under the debts and are unable to clear their debt despite all their efforts.

• Many times we see that a family is always surrounded by diseases due to which that family has to face physical as well as financial problems.

• If there is no progress in the financial condition of a family and they are always surrounded by scarcity, then it is also due to the effects of “Pitra dosh”. In such situations, a person is not able to get success in any kind of work which he does.

• If a family is suffering from “Pitra Dosh” then any member of the family may see a snake in his dream or he may see his ancestor demanding food or clothes.


Following are some remedies by which you can get rid of “Pitra Dosh”:

• By completing “Trapandi Shradh”.

• By completing the Shraad on the date on which our ancestors were expired.

• By giving water to the Banyan tree.

• By offering water to our Pitras for the 15 days during the Shraad or on the date of their death.

• One should offer food to Brahmins on every “Amavasya”.

• By donating food items on every “Amavasya” and “Poornima” in some temple or other religious places.
These were the remedies by which a person suffering from “Pitra Dosh” can get rid of this Dosh. In the same way, if someone wants to get rid of Pitra dosh then he/she should do the Shraad with his full respect so as to get blessings of his/her Pitras.

Our Pitras accepts the donation, food, and water if it is done when Sun is in Kanya sakranti in Ashwin Krishna Paksha. In the 15 days of the Shraad, the Pitras are very sure about their children and that’s why they come to their door and expects the donation from them.

Pitra Dosh is having an important place in Indian numerology. If a family is facing many unexpected problems regularly or any couple is not having their own child or newborn babies are not healthy or they are born physically or mentally challenged, then the main reason for all this is that person is having “Pitra Dosh” in his horoscope. So if that person respectfully completes the Shraad of his Pitras then they got happy and gave him their blessings.

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