Astrology Remedies for Venus - By Guru Manish Sai

Astrology Remedies for Venus - By Guru Manish Sai

In astrology, Venus is considered the brightest and auspicious planet along with being a female planet. Apart from this, Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra, Venus gives the effect of high in Pisces and low in Virgo. Venus's wealth is a factor of sexuality along with opulence. Marriage is the pleasure of marriage and life and wisdom are seen in students only through Venus. With this good eye health can also be seen from Venus.

How to identify weak Venus according to astrology?

- In the horoscope, if Venus is in the sixth eighth house with sinful planets.

- If the brightness and ophthalmia of your face are getting weaker day by day.

- You eat more sweets at night.

- If you have pain in your waist and calf.

- You are attracted to the opposite sex very quickly.

- Venus is in the Virgo zodiac along with sight from sinful planets.

- Men are facing too much difficulty in marriage.

How to make Venus strong?

- Always keep the southeast direction of the house clean.

- Respect all the women of the house wholeheartedly.

- Put one spoon of cow's milk in your bathwater.

- Add cardamom to Makhane Kheer and eat it.

- Eat sago kheer or papad. - Do not use dark dark blue clothes.

- Before starting the work in the kitchen everyday, light a lamp of ghee in an igneous angle.

Great ways to please Venus

- On Friday, donate rice, sugar, and clothes to needy women in the evening.

- On the evening of Friday, write ॐ with white sandalwood on a bell paper and offer it in reverse on the Shivling.

- ॐ Shum Shukraay Namah Mantra 108 times in the evening sitting on a pedestal and chant with a garland of rhinestones. Give some gifts such as toffee chocolate clothes to girls below ten years of age.

- After consulting a scholar, wear opal.

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