According To Vastu Best Position For Water Tank - By Guru Manish Sai...

According To Vastu Best Position For Water Tank - By Guru Manish Sai...

Vastu has great importance in the house and Vastu should always be used in the house. In such a situation, everyone decorates their house according to Vastu and along with it, everything about the house is also made according to Vastu so that everything in the house stays good. In such a situation, according to Vastu, the water tank should also be kept in homes. Yes, hotel or house, water has to be arranged in different and many places and it is very important to choose the right direction for planting them and today we are going to tell you according to Vastu that water in which direction it would be better to place the tank.

If you want to make water arrangement in your house underground, that is, to get boring or jetting, then it is better to choose the northeast angle for this, but keep in mind that the northeast angle is always clean. With this, if the dirt remains in this direction then the person may have to face many troubles. It is said that for septic tank, one should choose Vayavya or West direction because West direction is the direction of Varun Dev, that is, God of water, then by installing a tank in this direction, you will stay away from the problems related to water.

According to Vastu, if you want to build a solid cement tank on top of the roof of the house, then the south-west corner is the best and the south-west corner shows the right direction, but if your master bedroom is in this angle then the tank here can not keep. At the same time, the over head tank should be between north and west angle and along with it the top part of the tank should be round. With this, when the water tank is above the ground, keep it above the house in the south-west of the house and the highest construction of the house should be in the south direction and the walls of the house should be very straight.

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