Spiritual & Vastu Guru Manish Sai

Spiritual Guru Manish Sai is the world's renowned architectural astrology and tantra expert. He has mastered to eliminate any tantra, mantra, ghost of the world. Millions of people have been benefited by the Vastu visits, Vastu seminars made by Vastu Guru Shree Manish Sai ji in India and abroad. Nearly 30 lakh people have received counseling from Shri Manish Sai ji. Guru Manish Sai is proficient in all the disciplines of Astrology.

He worked continuously for 25 years on Yoga, Meditation and Life Energy. Along with Ayurveda, Panchakarma, and Pharmacy, you have also studied in Vastu, Astrology from leading universities of the world. Apart from the Spiritual Field, he is also the Editor of the Leading Prestigious Newspaper of our country and he is also Editor-in-Chief of Gurudev TV, Satyamev Jayate. Apart from Vastu, Astrology and Tantra, various diseases are also treated by you. Along with being the Founder of the Sanjeevani Sutram Ayurveda Center, he is also the President of eminent institutions like Sai Annapurna Social Foundation, Inter State Social and Spiritual Mission, Sanskar Anand Ishwari University. President of India, Shri K R Narayanan honored Gurudev Sh. Manish Sai ji with President Award for outstanding service in July 2000.

Countries including India's former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and current Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been receiving continious consultations from him, and also biggest business tycoons, industrialists and political and legend film stars of India are also been receiving consultancy from Gurudev Shri Manish Sai ji.

To remove hunger from Country and support Senior Citizens of country Gurudev Sh. Manish Sai ji provides Tiffin service at free of cost. They also run schools for the mentally and physically weak children under your own trust. You are making relentless efforts to use indigenous goods in rural areas through health services run under his Ayurvedic Institution named 'Sanjivanj Sutram'. Guru Shri Manish Sai Ji have been awarded more than around 1200 times by various institutions of India and world so far.