🚩🚩Sai amrit program “manish sai”🚩🚩

The enlightened Shri Manish sai has developed the ‘Sai-Amrit’ method and presented it to the world, which gives the person a feeling of joy through different programs of meditation and energy.

This method is easy, natural and effortless. It helps to develop those creative powers of the highest order of awareness in man, which were always inherent in him. This method gives us the message that the development of the highest order of awareness is the only solution to all the problems.

The message of Shri Manish sai is that life is pure joy, and only those who practice the programs of ‘Sai-Amrit’ method can appreciate this fact. The practitioner has experienced that under this program, while regularly practicing different methods of meditation and energy, one can attain improvement in health, development of the intellect, success in all efforts, happiness and peace in family life along with divine bliss.

Through his enlightenment, Shri Manish sai has given this messag that the methods of programs on meditation and energy in ‘Sai-Amrit’ are proven by scientific research. If we throw some light on the life of Param Yogi Sai Baba, his teachings and preachings through meditation, energy and indications motivate the man entangled in the maze of life towards a new hope filled life.

When the mind experiences bliss by experiencing the subtle level of thoughts through the practice of accomplishing meditation and energy, he starts realizing the limitless knowledge, pure intellect and the real form of the soul and absolute truth, which manage and rule this body made of the five elements. The energy starts flowing in our body.

All the methods of ‘Sai-Amrit’ are such that they cleanse all the impurities of the heart and enhance power of the energy in your body, which was incomplete till now, and you start feeling balanced and cheerful. You also become stress free and smart.

In short we can say that ‘Sai-Amrit’ is an experience of meditation and energy, just as love, joy and happiness are the expressions of the various experiences of the heart. The spiritual and mental styles of this method are such processes through which a deep relationship is established between the mind and the body, which takes us to that level of bliss where the mind gets directly connected to that subtle point which is called the source of all thoughts. This subtle point is nothing but the awareness, and the development of this awareness purifies our inner self. We are filled with joy, and are easily able to decide what is right and what is wrong. We can say that in ‘Sai-Amrit’ program, the methods of meditation and energy are mental processes, which enable us to reach that subtle level of awareness, from where we become capable of finding joy within our own self. We become capable of seeing the entire world in its true form. Just as waves are formed in water and flames emerge from fire, with the knowledge of ‘Sai-Amrit’, you become capable of finding the vast domain of limitless kriya shakti, intelligence, creativity and wisdom. As a result, apart from having pleasant experiences in your daily life, you become intelligent, creative and powerful too.

This method is as old as the oldest manuscript of the four Vedas. Shri Manish has revived the old manuscripts with his self realization, which is clearly evident in this method. This program is above all the limitations of all kinds of mysteries and religions.

👉🏻Why is this process of meditation and energy called as ‘Sai-Amrit’?

Shri Manish sai is a famous Vastu expert of India. An incident in the year 2003 changed his life. While digging in the basement of the shopping mall of a businessman, a dead body of a sadhu of the Nath community was excavated. In those days, Shri Manish sai was attending a seminar on Vastu in Amritsar. The businessman contacted Shri Manishsai. Shri Manish sai reached that place and by the very sight of that divine soul, he got divine knowledge. After that, he got such divine powers that he started treating the problems of the suffering. In the year 2010, his wife and children were injured in a car accident, which brought him very close to Sai Baba. One day, after Kakad Arti, Baba appeared before him and blessed him that he should run a program with the help of his self realization which would bring joy in the life of people. With the blessings of Baba and his self realization, he systematized the process of meditation and energy and made it easily accessible to all with its scientific approach. It was named as ‘Sai-Amrit’ as per the orders of Baba, because Baba’s life was based on non-duality. In his eyes, there was no discrimination between the high born and the low born, people who are our own and those who are not our own. He was adept in all the arts. He was well versed in the art of attaining the state of Samadhi through meditation.

👉🏻Shri Manish sai presented these methods of meditation and energy after having the divine vision of Baba with the help of his self realization, so this method was named as ‘Sai-Amrit’.

👉🏻What is meditation in the ‘Sai-Amrit’ method and what is its scientific base?

Vedic knowledge is the knowledge of the soul.The soul is infinite, vast and cognizant.Meditation is the way to know the soul.Meditation is the ultimate knowledge of life.

Meditation is the pure power of the mind. To make repeated efforts to keep the mind focused on anything inside or outside the body for some time and the constant flow of thought towards the highest spiritual goal in the highest centre of awareness in that direction is called meditation. In other words, it can be said that meditation is nothing but taking our focus from outside to inside. The literal meaning of ‘dhyan’ is consciousnesses. Most of our life is spent unconsciously. Through meditation, we start living consciously. In the absence of meditation, we lose our life in a state of unconsciousness. It is said in the Upnishads that the human body is like an inverted tree, which has its roots on the top and the leaves and branches at the bottom. In order to take care of the tree of our body, it is important to keep the roots or the head strong. In order to enjoy the fruits of the tree, we must water and nourish the roots of the tree. Similarly, in order to make this tree of life to blossom and flower, it is important to nourish the roots, which is the soul. That is why it is said that meditation is the fertilizer or the nourishment of the soul.

It has been proved that …. percent of the diseases are caused due to excess of worry, stress, fear, hatred, anger, etc and also due to their suppression. The permanent cure for these diseases can be done with meditation of ‘Sai-Amrit method. According to the scientists, mainly three types of rays are produced in our head – Delta rays in a state of deep sleep, Beta rays in a state of awareness, Theta rays in a state of half slumber or dream and Alpha rays in a state of meditation. When a person is in a state of meditation, his mind and body are relaxed and peaceful. In this state, Alpha rays are produced in large quantity. These Alpha rays have a good effect on the physical and mental health.

The results of the experiments done by the scientists on the programs of the ‘Sai-Amrit’ method of meditation are nothing less than a miracle. The scientists discovered that by regularly practicing these different methods of meditation, the amount of oxygen intake of the person doing meditation reduced to about … to … peecent, while the amount during sleep is limited to ….. to …. Percent only. This means that when the body uses less oxygen to perform its functions, the rate of metabolism decreases. As a result of this, the life span increases, mind is at peace and the body enjoys good health.

The rate of heart beat of the sadhaks who meditate according to ‘Sai-Amrit’ reduces to … to …. Heart beats per minute. Along with this, the speed of inhalation and exhalation also reduces, which enhances the life span and reduces the tendency to worry too much or to be restless.

According to the psychologists, man uses only …. to … percent of the total potential of his brain. This means that we are not able to use almost …. to …. percent of the potential of the brain at all. By practicing the methds of the ‘Sai-amrit’ meditation, we come into contact with approximately ……percent of our intellectual potential, which helps in the development of our mind, improvement in our educational capabilities, enhancement in our work potential, job satisfaction, productivity, learning capacity, interpersonal relationships, and clear and free flow of thoughts.

👉🏻What are the physical benefits of the ‘Sai-amrit’method of meditation?

The thought power of man is the most powerful form of energy. We can focus it on the awareness during meditation and do wonders. Meditation gives us rest, and rest is the key to all body functions. According to psychologists, when man gets rest, he gets good health and a new life. We all experience this when we get up from a good night’s sleep, because when we sleep, the stress and fatigue are reduced, but this state does not help to remove the deep rooted stress. For this, we need a more intense kind of rest which we get from the different methods of the ‘Sai-amrit’ meditation. By practicing this form of meditation, our nervous system becomes more stable, and resultantly, an intense high level of relation between the body and the mind is established. This results in freedom from insomnia. Our creativity is enhanced. All round development of our personality takes place. We attain balanced and good health and life is filled with joy.

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