SHAKTI DHYAN by Manish Sai

This dhyan is of 30 minutes and is done in 3 stages. Shakti dhyan nourishes our physical body and the kaaran body. It looks for means of self expression. It also strengthens the will power. The will power acquired from this dhyan motivates us on the path of self development. This dhyan also fulfills the desire to acquire the power of knowledge. It controls the irregularities of our body and controls the mind as well. Thus it gives us many health benefits. This dhyan can be beneficial only after it is taught by a teacher of the ‘Sai-amrit’ method.

Fold a blanket and spread on the floor. Now note how you have to sit in Sukhasan. Sit with both the legs spread in front. Bend the left leg and place the heel under the right thigh. Place the right ankle under the left thigh. The head, neck and spine should be straight and in one line, but there should be no rigidity in them. Place both your hands either on your knees or in your lap. Close your eyes. Leave your entire body loose. Don’t keep your arms straight or very rigid. Leave them loose. Back should be straight, but stress free. Now move your body to reorganize your posture. Remember, the spine should be straight. Now close your eyes and relax your entire body. Determine in your mind that you will not move your body throughout the practice. You should also remember that, during the practice, if you move your body, your awareness will be disturbed and diverted from the practice. That is why, to achieve this, you should be well prepared in advance. So focus only on your body and forget everything else. Inhale and count from 1 to 4. Hold your breath for 8 counts and exhale for 16 counts. Do not exert any kind of pressure while breathing. Do this 15 to 20 times. Now open your eyes and focus on the Divya Jyoti till your eyes start feeling tired. Do this for 1 minute on the first day. Then you can gradually increase the time period. Make sure that no unnecessary stress is laid on the eyes. You can practice this with the flame of a candle also.
Close your eyes and try to visualize the scene going on in your mind. Now listen to the Divya Dhun and focus your attention on the navel area.
Close your eyes and lie down on your stomach. Do not join your feet; keep them apart so that all the energy which you have accumulated can flow freely. Now you don’t have to do anything. Just feel the peace. Let the thoughts flow freely. The end of the Divya Dhun will indicate the end of the session.
Sai-amrit Divya Dhun, Sai-amrit dhoop batti or hina lemon fragrance.

This dhyan helps to increase the sense of self security, develops immunity in the body and helps to control anger. It enhances concentration and self confidence, self respect, inspiration and commitment. It generates the tendency to seek the best and to be happy. It controls the minds tendency to go astray. It also works on the digestive system, problems of the eyes, fever, diabetes, problems related to conceiving, foul breath, problems of the pancreas and controls and prevents diseases like cancer and those of the liver.