PREM DHYAN by Manish Sai

Prem Dhyan is done in 6 stages in 45 minutes. It is best done in a group, but it can be done alone also. This dhyan should be done in a peaceful atmosphere away from all kinds of noise, or early in the morning when there are fewer disturbances. Prem Dhyan is based on scientific and spiritual research and is meant to reduce the mutual stress between husband and wife. This dhyan should be done by couples only. It will fill your heart with the feeling of love. So forget about all the people around you and close your eyes. Remain alert and aware for 30 minutes. This dhyan is beneficial only if given by a teacher of the ‘Sai-amrit’ method.
To begin with, sit in the Gyan Mudra Asan. Note carefully how it should be done. Spread a mat or durrie on the floor and sit in Padmasan or Siddhasan. Place your index finger of both your hands at the root, middle or tip of the thumb. Keep the rest of the three fingers open and together. Place your hands on the knees and lightly close your eyes. Remain in this position for some time and then come back to your original position. Relax your body completely. Now get ready to do Bhastrika Pranayam. Keep your head, neck and back absolutely straight. Keep your body relaxed. Bring your right hand in front of your face and make the nasagra mudra with your fingers. Place your left hand either on your knees or in your lap. Close the right nostril with your thumb. Breathe 10 times from your left nostril in quick succession. While breathing, let only your abdomen expand and contract and your chest should not move. You should do this with such speed that the sound of your inhalation and exhalation from the nose should be clearly heard. After inhaling and exhaling 10 times in quick succession from the left nostril, take one deep breath from the left nostril. Keep the right nostril closed. Expand your chest and abdomen and fill your lungs with as much air as possible. Hold your breath inside and close both the nostrils. Place your chin at the sternum and contract your neck. This position is quite like Jalandhar Bandh, but in this the arms are not interlocked. Contract your anal muscles (Mool Bandh). Hold your breath for as long as you can comfortably do. Do not do this forcefully. Mentally count the time of Kumbhak. Then lift up your head. Remove the index finger from your right nostril. Exhale from the left nostril. Now repeat the same procedure from the right nostril. Then do from both the nostrils together. Keep your eyes closed. Feel that you are capable of giving a lot of love. Awaken the feeling of love in your heart and try to feel the wonderful experience of dedicated love.
Sit in Sukhasan with a calm mind. Focus on your breathing. Keep your eyes, take in a few deep breathes and exhale slowly and feel yourself become stress free. Continue to breathe normally. Do not try to control it. Just focus on the fact whether you are inhaling or exhaling and divert all your concentration on your natural breathing. In 3 minutes, you will experience the energy of love surge from within.
Now stand up and relax. Play the Prem-dhyan DVD, close your eyes and listen to the Divya Dhwani and slowly dance to the tune of the music. Let the music enter your being and feel yourself get lost in it. Dance with such joy that the energy saturates every atom of your body. Feel as if the joy is so much that you are dancing to express it. Dance to celebrate the joy. Be totally immersed in it. Now gradually slow down and stop. Stand calmly for some time.
Lie down on your back in Shavasan. Place a pillow or a folded blanket under your head. This will help the muscles of the shoulders and the neck to relax. Do not use very high pillow, because the neck will be raised to a very high level and instead of relaxing the neck, it will put unnecessary strain. Place both your hands on your sides. Leave some space between your sides and the hands. The palms should be open and facing upwards. The feet should be straight and slightly apart. Keep your eyes closed. Try to focus on your body and the various parts of the body which are in contact with the ground. This is very important, because in this way, you start developing your awareness towards the different parts of your body. Try to feel the points of contact between your hips and the floor. If the muscles of your hips have joined together, bring them apart. Focus on the pressure exerted on the hips by the floor till they relax. Now think of the points of contact between the right heel and the floor for a few seconds. Repeat with the left heel.
Now gradually focus on the points of contact of the right arm, right palm, left arm, left palm, centre part of the back, both the shoulders, back of the head and finally the points of contact between the entire body and the floor. Focus on every point of contact for a few seconds. Now try to experience immense heaviness in your right leg, as if it is sinking in the ground. Even if you don’t experience any heaviness, do not worry. It is important to practice this in the beginning. Now try to feel lightness in the right leg. Repeat the same procedure with the left leg too. Try to feel the heaviness in the entire leg and then feel as if it is loosening up and sinking in the ground. Feel this for a few seconds. Repeat the same procedure with the right and left arm also. If your palms are stressed, then they will be half opened. So try to remove the stress from your palms. Feel the shoulders sink into the pillow and try to lighten the burden from them. Many people keep their shoulders stooped habitually due to stress. Let the shoulders sink into the pillow. Now loosen your lower jaw, but keep your mouth closed. If you feel stress in your head, relax the muscles of the head. During this practice, many thoughts related to worries and problems will emerge in your mind. Tell them to come later because right now you are doing Shavasan. Do not suppress your thoughts, but rather direct your awareness according to this procedure in relaxing the various parts of your body in an organized manner. Feel the divine music. Think of the joy which you experienced in the first three stages and recall all those moments when you were totally dedicated to true love.
Continue to lie down as in the fourth stage. Feel the divya dhun. Let the thought flow freely in your mind. in 5 minutes time you will start feeling rested and experience the awakened state of Prem Dhyan.
Look at your partner and smile. Smile with a calm mind. continue to smile. Your love will be enhanced.
Sai-amrit nritya dhun, Sai-amrit divya dhun, Sai-amrit dhoop batti, rose flowers or perfume.
It helps in giving and receiving love successfully, has a great impact on the mind and intellect, gives relief from stress, gives physical pleasure.