Nritya Aradhana dhyan is a wonderful journey of self realization through rhythm and sound. The way of this dhyan is to lose oneself in the joy of rhythm and sound and to let silence and relaxation take over our body. Through this dhyan, you will be able to free yourself from the tensions of the day to day life through giving up your pride by experiencing the thrill of the mix of old sounds and modern dance styles.
In this dhyan, it is important to tell you that there is no set style of dance, because everyone has one’s own tempo and rhythm. We can surrender to the music and dance which emerges from within and set the flow of energy free. We should immerse ourselves completely in dance, so that we even forget that we are dancing. This dhyan promotes good health. It is a source of spiritual inspiration and helps in receiving mystic energies in the body and creates awareness about the connection between the body and the soul. It is a significant art to awaken the Sahasrar, Agya, Vishuddhi, Anahat, Manipur, Swadhishthan and Mooladhar Chakras through the seven kinds of music and colours. It helps in attaining bliss on the path of love. Nritya Aradhana is a kind of vibration medicine. It is a joy. It will be beneficial only when it is taught by a teacher of the ‘Sai-amrit’ method. There are five stages in this dhyan:-
To begin with, sit in the Gyan Mudra asan. Note how to sit in this asan. Spread a carpet or a durrie on the floor and sit in Padmasan or Siddhasan. Bend your index fingers of both your hands and place them on the root, middle or the tip of the thumbs. Keep the other three fingers open. Now place your arms on the knee and lightly close your eyes. Stay in this position for some time. Now come back to the original position and let your body relax completely. Get ready for Madhya shvasan, or breathing from the ribs. Keep yourself absolutely calm and relaxed. In this method, ribs are used for breathing process. Hence try to see that there is no movement in the abdomen. This can be made possible by slightly contracting the abdominal muscles. If you want, you can keep your hands on the sides of your chest so that you can feel the expansion and contraction while breathing. Breathe in slowly while expanding your rib cage outward and upward. You will feel that it is impossible to take a deep breath, because it is not possible to expand the chest too much. Remember that you do not have to swell your stomach while inhaling. Hold the breath for 1-2 seconds. Now contract your chest downward and inward and exhale. Keep your stomach slightly contracted, but do not apply any force to do so. After exhalation, hold your breath for some time. Again inhale slowly. Repeat this process 10 to 20 times.
Keep yor eyes open. Stand up. Listen to the nritya dhyan music and pray to any God or Goddess of your choice. Convey all that is in your mind through your prayer. If you are in a group, then you can speak in your mind. if you are alone, then it will be better if you speak out aloud. Speak out all your sorrows and happiness today without any pretention. Close your eyes and let the music enter your being. Feel the rhythm and tempo of the dance. Keep your focus only on the music, forget yourself, forget your ego, and feel only the music and the rhythm.
Close your eyes and dance, just dance. Dance as if you are one with the divine love and feel yourself immerse in the wonderful divine love. Continue to dance fast or slow as per the strength and potential of your body. Control your dance. The sound of the bells will indicate the end of the dance. Gradually return to the prayer mode of the first stage. In whichever position you find yourself, make yourself stable in that position and focus on God. Express your feelings. Remember that your attention should not move to those sitting next to you. It should be only on yourself.
Now come to a halt. In whichever position you are, make yourself stable in that position. Do not try to monitor the body in any way. Do not allow any kind of movement in the body. Coughing or itching in the throat etc. can obstruct the flow of energy in your body. All that you have gained till now can go to waste. So just try to be aware of this nritya aradhana dhyan.
Close your eyes and lie down wherever you are. Let your thoughts flow freely. Feel your entire body relax. Feel peace in your being. Direct your thoughts that love, peace and joy are being transmitted to every part of your body. Feel the presence of every part of your body. Let your thoughts come freely. Remain in this position of dhyan till your mind does not start feeling the state of joy.
Sai-amrit divya nritya evam madhur dhun, Sai-amrit dhoop batti or pacholi, nilgiri, white musk fragrance.
It is helpful in developing the feeling of love, the art of conversation, decision making, expression, and in curing many mental and physical diseases.