KAAM DHYAN by Manish Sai

This dhyan is for 50 minutes and is done in 5 stages. This dhyan reactivates the glands related to blood circulation. The glands related to blood circulation do not function properly as a result of suppressing the feelings and desire of ‘kaam’ or sex. Resultantly, we suffer from many psychological disorders. All this are parts of the emotional quotient, which lie dormant in our mind and intellect.
With the help of ‘Kaam Dhyan’, we are able free ourselves of the suppressed desires and attain the same pleasure as we derive from sex. This dhyan can be done from the age of 18 and above. All those people who are dissatisfied due to unfulfilled desires of sex or those who are suffering from sexual diseases can gain benefit from this dhyan and fulfill their desires. This dhyan is very significant in this modern age because man has forgotten the true meaning of love and considers lust as love. By doing this dhyan, the left and the right part of the brain start functioning with equal capacity. Man uses the left part of his brain for lust or other feelings. The left part of the brain is good at logics and debate, while the right part of the brain which represents knowledge, kindness, compassion etc. lies almost inactive. Through ‘Kaam Dhyan’, we are able to use both the parts of the brain in our life. ‘Kaam Dhyan helps us to develop the inert powers of our body, which help us to control the desire for lust and converts these feelings into a feeling of bliss. The awareness also becomes unlimited. This dhyan is beneficial only when it is taught by a teacher of the ‘Sai-amrit’ method.

We have to do Bahya Pranayam with tribandh. It is important to understand what tribandh is. Bandh, or locks are of three types. The literal meaning of bandh is to lock or to tie. When we contract any part of our body or make it rigid, the process is called bandh. If we try, we can do this to our body. We can make our hands and feet rigid, we can contract our anal muscles, women can contract their vaginal muscles. All these processes are called bandh. Bandh helps in keeping the body healthy and disease free. Bandh is art of contracting the nadis and muscles. The main bandh is the Mool Bandh. In this bandh, the anal muscles are contracted. In Jalandhar Bandh, the throat is contracted. In Uddiyan Bandh, the abdomen is contracted. The practitioners must remember that they should do the bandhs under the guidance of the ‘Sai-amrit’ dhyan teachers only. Sit down comfortably in Siddhasan or Padmasan. Breathe out and expel as much air as possible. Immediately do Mool Bandh, Uddiayn Bandh and Jalandhar Bandh together and hold the breath outside for as long as you can comfortably do. When you feel like breathing in, open the bandhs and inhale slowly. Immediately exhale as you did earlier without holding the breath inside. Do this 10-15 times. When you breathe out, imagine that you are throwing out all your desires and suppressions towards lust and trying to stop them outside your being.
Sit down calmly in Padmasan or Siddhasan. Keep your spine straight, but not rigid. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders. Your shoulders should be in line with your hips. Feel this with full enthusiasm. Try to realize why these feelings of lust are emerging and getting stronger in your mind. Try to feel them till they come to an end. Now think as to what you will gain from having sex what you will not gain. Try to enjoy this thought and then try to feel that you are enjoying the pleasures of having sex through ‘Kaam Dhyan’.
Lie down in Shavasan. Try feel the Divya dhun in your inner being, which will help you derive joy from ‘Kaam Dhyan’. Continue to lie down till you start feeling that your body and mind are experiencing the same pleasure as is derived from fulfilling the desire of lust. Keep your eyes closed. Be in contact with the floor and try to feel the points of contact. This is very important, because in this way, you start developing your awareness towards the different parts of your body. Try to feel the points of contact between your hips and the floor. If the muscles of your hips have joined together, bring them apart. Focus on the pressure exerted on the hips by the floor till they relax. During this practice, many thoughts related to worries and problems will emerge in your mind. Tell them to come later because right now you are doing Shavasan. Control your breathing, breathe normally and focus your attention on the various parts of your body one by one. Control your breathing, breathe normally and focus your attention on your sex organs.
Stand up in your place. Raise both your arms up and breathe freely from your nose, but lay more stress on breathing out. Try to breathe as quickly as possible, but remember to breathe deeply. Now sit down on your knees. Express all your feelings related to sexual desires, which you feel are worth throwing out. Shout and scream like mad, but your breathing should be so fast as if the sexual desire has gone out of your body. Leave yourself free. Let your whole body lose and flexible. Create an atmosphere as if you are acting. Do not let your ego interfere with whatever is happening.
Close your eyes and lie down on your stomach. Spread your arms and look upward. Keep your feet 12 inches apart. Whatever energy related to sexual desires is left in the body, let it flow out. Now you don’t have to anything. Just be with yourself. The sound of the bell will indicate the end of the dhyan. Then you can come out of this dhyan.
Sai-amrit divya dhun, rosemary, rose, raat ki rani (jasmine) fragrance or dhoop.
It puts an end to the problems related to intercourse and obstructions related to feelings or expression of feelings, increases creativity and confidence, develops an attractive behavior, gives relief from sexual diseases, hernia, impotency, problems of the kidneys, problems related to menopause, swelling in the feet, problems of the urinary bladder, foul smell of the body. Anemia, etc.